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Seki, Nishimura & Watase, LLP is a full-service, certified minority-owned, law firm located in Los Angeles with the litigation expertise and capabilities to handle the wide-ranging needs of its clients. SNW’s mission is to provide quality legal services with the responsive attention clients require and the specific strategies that serve their individual interests. Serving individuals, small business, large corporations, and public entities, the firm strives to ensure all clients receive personal attention at competitive rates.

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Partner Andrew Pongracz Named 2017 and 2018 Southern California Rising Star in Super Lawyers Magazine  


Managing Partner Bill Seki Appointed to Selective Service Local Board

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Plaintiff’s Lack of Credibility Results in Another Successful Defense Verdict     

Andrew C. Pongracz and Janet L. Keuper represented six Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies in a Los Angeles Superior Court jury trial in which the Plaintiff claimed violation of his civil rights. Plaintiff alleged that, while an inmate at Men’s Central Jail, the defendants used excessive force on him following an altercation between Plaintiff and another inmate.

After a three week trial, the jury returned a defense verdict on December 4, 2015 on all causes of action on behalf of all defendants.

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Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies Use of Force Reasonable           

Andrew C. Pongracz and Janet L. Keuper served as counsel for two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies named as defendants in a U.S. District Court case. Plaintiff appeared in the action through the Administrator of his Estate, as the plaintiff had been murdered two years after the March 13, 2010 incident. The jury returned a unanimous defense verdict and found that the force used by deputies was reasonable and was not in violation of plaintiff’s civil rights.

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Plaintiff’s Accusations Deemed Unsubstantiated 

Andrew C. Pongracz and Ashlee P. Clark served as counsel for two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies named as defendants in a U.S. District Court case. Plaintiff brought two causes of action: Use of Excessive Force in Violation of the Fourth Amendment and Substantive Due Process Violation under the Fourteenth Amendment. A unanimous jury verdict ruled that the force was not unreasonable and the deputies did not fabricate the contraband found in Plaintiff’s home in order to arrest and incarcerate Plaintiff unlawfully.

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Deputies’ Arrest Reasonable

Partner Gilbert M. Nishimura and Associate Kari C. Kadomatsu defended two deputies in a U.S. District Court case involving allegations of Unreasonable Seizure in violation of Plaintiff’s Fourth Amendment Rights. With the assistance of expert testimony regarding law enforcement practices, SNW successfully defended the defendant deputies and was able to receive a unanimous verdict finding that the arrest of Plaintiff was reasonable.

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